Mini Sega Fruit Machine

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Mini Sega is a miniature mechanical fruit machine, predominantly from the 1960's, designed from an earlier model made by Mills, called the Vest Pocket, from the late 1930's. The mechanics are housed in an 8" cube, with payout and reel flaps to hide it's true identity. Inspiration for the design came from the strict US gambling laws of the early 20th century.


After purchasing a mini Sega, I was surprised by the lack of information available. Information for the Mills Vest Pocket seemed readily available, and this proved adequate enough to gather an understanding of how these machines worked, but little help when it came to maintenance, calibration and fault finding.


The aim of this site is to provide a resource for all Mini Sega owners who wish to maintain their machines, although this can extend to the original Mill's Vest Pocket too.


If you've recently acquired a Mini Sega, it maybe tempting to just grab some coins and play it, but it's not recommended. Many of these machines are likely to be at least sixty years old, and unless you know its owner and servicing history, it's best to at least check it over before playing it.


That's not to say Mini Segas are easy to break, but as with most clockwork operations, they require servicing. Signs of poor servicing can be dried toffee-like oil stains covering most of the internal componants, or oil satuated reel strips, caused by over oiling of the reel shaft.


Stripping, rebuilding and calibrating the Mini Sega may seem daunting, but it's relatively easy and I'd highly recommend it to prolong the life of your machine.


In this website there are diagrams detailing the different componants of what make up a Mini Sega. There's also a photo reference guide on how to disassemble and reassemble a Mini Sega, as well as maintenance, calibration, and dealing with common problems.

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